Monday, September 08, 2014

Destination Anywhere

Here is today's Cereal Box Doodle

Making art on the weekend is a little tough.
Cereal Box Doodles may have to be confined to weekdays, I'm afraid.

We'll see.  Maybe once it's colder
and when I'm sitting and watching hockey anyway it
will be easier.

The above is the one I did on Friday.  It's
already sold, but the print is available.

And I painted this girl on a canvas I found hidden away.
Also sold, but you can get the print.

So that's it for now.
We have an electrician coming over today, so I should probably make
myself and the house presentable.

Friday, September 05, 2014

I'm 50!

Since it is my birthday…
 And, like a new year,
a good start date for things...

I thought I'd try and bring back my Daily Duda Doodles.
This time I am going to attempt (like I'm a magician or something)
 doing them as Cereal Box Art.
I hope to do one each day.  And make up any days I miss.

Can I do it?
Will it mean getting no other art nothing else done.
We'll see.

It's probably gonna mean me preparing a bunch of cereal box canvases ahead of time
and then sitting down with them in the evening for sketching and painting.
I'm looking forward to it.
I mean what else am I gonna do at night?
I'm 50!

This is the first one, "The Right Place".
Her heart was in the right place. Get it? :)

I actually listed it yesterday, but at last check it's still there.

So, yeah.  50!
I feel pretty happy today.
I'd been feeling a little, not sad, but nostalgic maybe.
What with us turning 50, and school starting but me not having to worry about it,
and Corbin/Hanner's last show.  (we've been seeing them for at least 30 years)
That's a lot all at once to remind you that life is flying by!

But, Mike, who is awesome at birthdays, had a giant basket of goodies waiting for
me this morning.  (along with the coffee he has waiting for me every morning)
Books from my wish list, lots of cheeses (on accounta I wouldn't shut up about
the goat cheese I had at Penn Brewery a few weeks ago) and bread and crackers,
wine, a new Penguin shirt, and some lady razors. :)

It's too much really, considering the DAvid Sedaris tickets we bought and
the Corbin/Hanner outing from last week.

But we sure had fun and I'm sure Mike's friend, David (that's what he calls him)
will be awesome too.

So I am off to paint, and read, and later I will drink wine and eat cheese and enjoy my family.
I'm so lucky.

(and also I still have teeth.  so that's a plus)

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Blue Magic

I had to fight through some printer/scanner issues to get this listed

but it's finally in my shop.

Now back to the battle.  
That's why I prefer magic to technology. :)

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

On my desk...

Blue Magic fairy in progress.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Secret

She's a big 'un!
With a big, happy, colorful message.

Attitude is everything.

NOthing to it!

You can't do any good by bellyaching.

Don't worry.
There isn't any time for grudges.

Quite simply,
Hey, I know the secret to happiness.
Just Be Happy.
(that's all you need to do).

Well maybe not.
But it certainly is a good start.

in my Etsy shop now!

Have a great weekend!
Hopefully it's a long one, like mine. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Just Because sale

Hey strangers!
It's national Just Because day which seems like
the perfect day to have a just because sale in my Etsy shop.
30% off with coupon code
(you guessed it)

We celebrated Mike's 50th birthday yesterday.

And mine is fast approaching.
Here's hoping he doesn't feel inspired to create a collage of his own.

I'm doing some cleaning today.  And some banking.
And also working on a large (for me) painting.

I can't wait to get back to it!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

On my desk… 8.14.14

I feel like I've been in a bit of an art funk lately.
Second guessing everything I do.
Worrying about what I should be painting instead of 
what I want to be painting.

Well, today I am finally feeling more inspired than I
have in a long while.
Maybe it's the colors on this fairy-painting-in-progress.
Maybe it's this stack of sketches I've gathered together
that are just begging to be painted.
Maybe it's latest bits of words and phrases I've cut from my musty old books.

Whatever it is, I'm excited to move forward.
Check back often to see what's new!

Oh, and here are a few things you may have missed:

(click on the titles and you will be taken to the
prints in my Etsy shop).

See ya soon!

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

She's got a bit of an attitude

But she's pretty confident about who she is.

I like that. :)

"I Am a Princess"
If you hurry, you may find the original here.

Okay.  Off to do more stuff.

Friday, August 01, 2014

1 Girl

New piece of art in my shop!
That seems to be a rare thing lately.

I've been trying to finish up my must-do art projects and
think I am close.
Well, except for the things I have promised to family and
friends.  Those always seem to get pushed down
to the bottom of the list.
But I haven't forgotten them.

Anyway, this is called "1 Girl".
She's a piece of  cereal box art and comes with the mat.

I may love the words more than the girl, so the
could possibly show up somewhere again.
Maybe on something a bit bigger.

My Facebook is acting weird so I may not be able to post her there.
This is your chance to grab an original before
the face bookers get to it!

She is here.

Have a great weekend!
OUrs is full up.
Josh and his band have a show on Saturday and we
have a baby shower on Sunday.
Those things plus all of the regular will most likely
keep me away from the computer,

Thursday, July 24, 2014

'Tis the life!

There is a little mermaid in my shop.

She seems happy.

'Tis the Life!
Find her here.
 OOps.  Nevermind. She sold when I wan't looking.

But I'll add prints soon and let you know.
Now I'm off to pick green beans .


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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just Because

Well, once again, I painted something and sold
 it before posting it here.
I can't help it.  I get excited.
You can get it with these words, or no words, or words of your
choosing.  Just let me know at check out.

It's called "Just Because" and I've also added it 
to several items in my Society6 shop too.

As is this older image, "A Summer to Remember".
Perfect beach bag, right?

And here's what's on my desk now.
A bunch of new backgrounds for Cereal Box Art,
so I can just grab one and start painting when inspiration strikes.

Well, now you're all caught up.
See ya next time!