Tuesday, February 12, 2013


is in my etsy shop. 

I almost didn't add the little "new day" sun
or the "forward" arrow.
I was liking the simpleness of it, but I like the message
it sends now even more.
You know:
Everyday is an adventure.
Move forward into the unknown.
See each day as full of possibilities and as another chance to get things right.
(said the girl sitting at her desk in her robe at 12:55)

Whatever.  I still accomplished stuff. :)

Here she is in front of our bus stop sign.
Want to hear the story of the bus stop sign?
Okay.  Here it is.
When the kids were in grade school I would walk them over to the bus stop
every morning.  
So got to sit there and wait with all of the other kids (and a few moms).
I don't recall what the exact situation was but I overheard one
of the girls there say this:
"I'm not stupid.  I know who owns the bus stop!"
Which by the way, she didn't.
She thought it was the principal.
She thought Mr. Hamilton owned the bus stop.

So that phrase stuck in our house.
We've all said it on occasion and then, of course, had to explain
it to those present that hadn't already heard the bus stop story.

Anyway, Eli's girlfriend, Taylor, gifted us with this last Christmas.
Now we own the bus stop.
And now everyone knows it.

Thanks Taylor
You always give the best gifts!

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