Friday, January 24, 2014


  Hey everyone!
Cold much?

I'm very busy working on some things that I just can't show you,
but wanted to stop by and let you know that Society6
has added wall clocks to their ever-growing list of

There are some in my shop that need to be adjusted (when I get
a moment), but some work just fine as is.
Free shipping through Sunday.

I don't know if I will get any more originals into my Etsy shop by 
Valentine's Day…. what with the "busy on other stuff" and all. That's why I 
am trying to get stuff into my Society6 shop.

is still available in my Etsy shop,
and, of course, lots of love-related prints.

REally wishing Aaron didn't have so many miles to travel on this
cold, soon-to-be-snowy weekend.
Seven Springs for work.  Back here.
Then to Chester, WV for a show.

Back here LATE tonight.
Back to Seven Springs in the morning.

Why can't we all just cuddle on the couch and watch Blue's Clues
like we used to?

Or, if ya'll just buy a JM tee, he and the band could charter a bus and I 
could worry less. :)
Only 8 days left!

Okay, back to work.
Stay warm.  Stay safe.


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  2. It's cold all the way to Florida today! I emailed you a few minutes ago. Let me know if you get it! I'm off to look in your shop! HUGS, Diane


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