Thursday, February 13, 2014

Today things

Well, this is actually a "few days ago thing".
Painted this piece of cereal box art.

Then yesterday I painted this background on canvas
and attached the "few days ago art" to it with
double sided tape and some buttons.

It's called 
and it's in my Etsy shop now.
That's where the today comes in.
It's there.  Today. :)

But here are some real "today" things.

I added 
to my Society6 shop.

Then while I was on Picmonkey
resizing and adding watermarks
I added a little something else for fun.

I was thinking I should open a second Etsy shop
where I just add silly glasses and mustaches to 
all of my images.
Not really.

Here's another "today" thing I did while I was there.
Took this very messy sketch.

And turned it into this one.

And that's where my morning went.
The end.


  1. I love your snowman, that's what drew me in lol and love your bunny too :)


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