Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Better Together… a Picmonkey tutorial (kinda)

Hey all!
Sorry for being away so long.

Still working on some stuff for my portfolio, but 
took a break the other day to paint this girl.
The original is sold and sent, but I do have the print available
in my Etsy shop here.

I promised people on FB the other
day to share how I take a crappy rough sketch and quickly turn
into something pretty enough to share.
I don't have Photoshop so this is what I do.

I take a sketch from one of my MANY
sketchbooks and

I scan it.
Then I go to Picmonkey.
I do have the upgrade which costs me $4.99 a month,
but it is well worth it, if only for adding
watermarks to my art.
I'm not sure if you need the upgrades for the things I am doing here or not, though.

Anyway, I open the sketch in edit.
Then I usually will go to effects which is
portrayed as a little magic wand… which is right. :)
Orton is my "go to" effect for quickly hiding some of the messiness/smudges 
which are in the background.
Use the fade slider to adjust.

Can you see a slight difference?
Maybe not. The watermark makes it hard.
Sorry, but the watermark is necessary.

Next I use the touch up tool
(lipstick icon)
to add color.  It gives a much softer look
than if you were to use draw.
I use "blush boost" for all the colors except for brown.
For that I use "spray tan".
Use the "brush size" and "fade" sliders as 

You'll need to save and reopen the blush boost each time you change colors.

I don't worry much about going outside the lines.
These are not for selling… just for sharing on FB without being embarrassed.

I can also add words to the sketch via Picmonkey
but, as you can see, no need for that here.

Lastly I go back and see if any fun textures might
make it look better.
(that's the little screen-y looking icon)

For this one I went to the "smudge"
section and used the pinkish-distressed
effect in the lower right corner.
But play around and find your favorite.
If you want to get rid of something you've 
saved there is a little back arrow button at the top.

Here's another using one of 
the edifice effects.
So that's it.
My very unprofessional, uninformed way of pretty-ing up a sketch.

You can easily spend the day on Picmonkey
making collages, adding frames and overlays...
Head on over and have some fun!


  1. I'm a huge fan of Picmonkey. It's a brilliant tool :)

  2. Very lovely.
    Liefs, Melanie

  3. WOW!!! Who'dda thunk!!! I think I can now, Thank you Diane!!!

  4. Gorgeous, Diane! I love how you coloured your sketch. I love Picmonkey too! xx

  5. I have an upgrade on Picmonkey, I use it for all sorts of things, it's an invaluable tool, beautiful work (as always). xxx

  6. Well I'm sold! I need to try that pic monkey! Have fun following you! You are so charming. My teen boys really enjoyed your sons music. My oldest 16 plays the drums for a couple bands!! Strange to have such huge children. I don't feel old enough!! Ha ha

    1. Yay! Tell your boys that they have new songs posted to download for free. They were recorded in a basement studio last weekend, so a bit rougher than the others, but soooo good! Superhero is my favorite.

  7. Thanks for the tips. But it still really takes a lot of talent to create art as beautiful as yours!


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