Saturday, March 08, 2014

Out with the old. In with the new

When I sat down today to renew my expired prints I decided I should
finally make good on my promise to clean out the shop a little.

So after doing some math, I found that these are the ones that I
have spent more renewing than I have selling.
When they expire I will not be renewing them.
Some will be gone as early as next week,  some not until the end of the month.
Here's the list:
  1. Fresh Fallen Snow - expires 3/12
  2. Reach - expires 3/14
  3. Fistful of Flowers - expires 3/14
  4. Little Bunny Retro - expires 3/15
  5. Silly Love Songs - expires 3/16
  6. Tightrope Juggler - expires 3/13
  7. Sunshine Walks and Flowers - expires 3/23
  8. Hey Cupcake - expires 3/23
  9. Rose - Flowergirl - expires 3/23
  10. Innocence - expires 3/24
  11. Hope Whispers - expires 3/24
  12. The Queen - expires 3/25
  13. She Believed in Bunny Slippers - expires 3/27
  14. Simply Red - expires 3/29
  15. Goldilocks - expires 3/29
  16. Alice Alone - expires 3/29
  17. Thoughts of Spring - expires 3/29
There are a few that it makes me sad to retire. Like, "Hope Whispers" and "Fistful of Flowers".
But the numbers don't lie.  I will probably make a Pinterest set or something featuring the retired prints, just so I can go visit them from time to time. :)
  Sorry I didn't just put the photos in chronological order.
I'll do better next month.

As for the "in with the new", here a the new prints I added last week:

And even better, I am now selling my
Lena Lawson Counted Cross Stitch charts directly from my Etsy shop.
(you get a signed print or the original artwork with each print purchased)

I'll do a post with photos soon, but I've been sitting here too long
and I am supposed to be spring cleaning.
Which technically I was.  Kinda.


  1. I'm still over the moon in love with my Scottie print you did for me.

  2. Ogni tua creazione è cosi deliziosa!!!

  3. It does seem kind of sad but you're always painting new ones. I love so many that I have trouble deciding on a favorite! enjoy your weekend! Sweet hugs, Diane


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